For brands looking to create a luxury feel for their products, point of sale and packaging is critical when creating that all-important first impression.

Mirri’s unmatched aesthetic and exceptional strength and durability are perfect for this, as its lustrous finish, paired with the perfect carton, packaging or display board, is able to withstand folding and cutting while maintaining its incredible look.


Sturdier than Mirri H, our flagship Mirri range is perfect for packaging, where there is a requirement for the substrate to withstand cutting and folding and offer longevity.

Our standard Mirri product is now manufactured using 70% Post-Consumer Recyclable (PCR) material. As a result, its performance and aesthetic are completely unaffected. By diverting waste away from landfill, we’ve created a more sustainable product without removing any of the Mirri lustre.

Ideal for graphical applications, giving market-leading brands a premium finish and also as Mirri packaging for HP Indigo which we recommend if you are digitally printing onto the product. For a luxury, metallised carton material we recommend Mirri Oppboga for packaging.


Mirri’s unrivalled flexibility and premium look and feel make it ideal for publishing. The metallic material is high-impact solution for covers of magazines and books. We can advise on artwork too.  We thrive on a challenge and are committed as much to our customer service as we are to our products.


Mirri can be used in conjunction with almost any substrate, allowing for no-holds-barred creativity. From small-scale products to large format point-of-sale displays, Mirri has it covered.

Never before has it been possible to use reflective material at such large format sizes – until now. Mirri is available in up to 3.2 metre lengths, making it ideal for bold, large-scale point of sale or window displays to stop potential customers in their tracks.

We’ve put in countless hours of research, analysis and experimentation – as well as regular work with our long-term partner The Retail Institute – to ensure Mirri meets every requirement for the most effective point of sale.