Print finishing is a term used to describe anything that happens after the printing process, from cutting and binding to the application of varnishes. Most printers will be able to provide basic finishing services; however more complex finishes will require a dedicated print finisher, such as Celloglas!

New technologies have meant an increase in the amount of print finishes available to marketers, and have provided designers with the opportunity to create some stunning effects. It’s not just visual either; we can apply finishes that stimulate other senses such as smell and touch.

We’ll take you through some of the various print finishes we offer below:

Lamination a plastic film is applied to the printed sheets, adding either a matt, gloss or silk finish.

Foil Blocking a hot foil stamp is used to apply metallic or pigment foil to parts of the printed sheet to help highlight certain areas.

Varnishing – Cellocoat provides 100% coverage across a sheet, with a matt, silk or gloss finish. We also offer Celloscreen spot UV gloss, to help highlight certain areas on the sheet.

High-Speed Coating The Heidelberg high-speed coater applies overall varnish or spot UV quickly and efficiently, and can combine spot varnishes with other Cellocover finishes.

Mirri Mirri is a world leading supplier of metallic paper and board. Metallic silvers, golds, a vast range of colours and holographic films are just some of the effects available as part of the Mirri range.
Since the early ‘70s, Mirri has been a leading brand and specialist in producing quality decorative materials on board, card and paper.

Mirri is distributed worldwide across numerous markets; such as point of sale, packaging, publishing, multimedia, social stationery/greetings, commercial print and direct mail, and helps brands deliver better retail experiences.

Head over to our blog to discover our tips on how to impress with Mirri POS & our show-stopping celloglas print finishing.

Die-Cutting various shapes are cut out of the stock, and die cutting is often used to create packaging and folders.

Special Effects – our special effects cover finishes such as fragrance, thermochromic, photochromic, glow-in-the-dark and silver latex to help make your print stand out.

Embossing – a technique used to create a raised pattern on material, which helps create different textures or give a premium feel.

For more information on what services we offer across our three sites, please visit our locations page.

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