Oct 13 Celloglas News

UK’S Top 50 design studios revealed in Computer Arts using Celloglas’ Glow in the dark varnish.

This month, Computer Arts magazine release the fourth edition in their series of special issues which reveal the UK’s Top 50 Design Studios. The covers of these annual editions all centre around a special reveal of the studio names, and this year’s offering was no different, using Celloglas’ glow in the dark varnish to do the job.

The brief for the cover was sent to the number one ranked agency, Studio Sutherl&, where they brainstormed ideas keeping in mind that glow in the dark varnish was the specified finish for this cover. The idea of a desk lamp, which was illustrated by Alex Levett, was ultimately chosen, as it was ‘…a lovely visual connection with design studios’, according to Jim Sutherland, founder of Studio Sutherl&.

Over the past few years, the rankings have been revealed in various ways using different Celloglas finishes, including thermochromic ink, silver latex, and photochromic ink. This time, the rankings are read within the light coming out of the illustrated lamp, where the glow in the dark varnish was applied. The colour of the text, which had no varnish applied to it, was selected to closely match the colour of the glow in the dark varnish, therefore appearing almost invisible until the cover is put into darkness where the names can be revealed.
This glow in the dark finish, also known as phosphorescent ink, works by absorbing light from any light source and then re-emitting it when in the dark. The phosphorescent particles are integrated into the Celloglas varnish and applied using a silk screen machine. This is also how a gloss spot UV was applied to highlight small areas of the lamp, creating contrast against the soft touch lamination that was first applied to the printed sheets. This type of lamination creates a matt look and has a velvety texture. This more closely matched the slightly rough texture of the glow in the dark varnish, allowing the two to blend well together for a more seamless look.
Glow in the dark varnish is most commonly available in the light green shade you often see; however it is also available in blue.

For a closer look at how this cover was produced, watch the online video here!