Oct 12 Celloglas News

Focus on Mirri Lens

As one of our newest products, Mirri Lens went down a storm at Packaging Innovations 2016. Mirri Lens is a bespoke product achieved through the lamination of a micro-embossed Fresnel lens film to the face of high-quality boards and papers. The Fresnel lens design creates an eye-catching element to the board, thus boosting shelf impact and encouraging interaction with customers.

The lens itself creates a 3D, reflective spherical effect which can be combined with a range of Celloglas decorative print finishes, including foil blocking, embossing, varnishing and more, to create a stunning effect. Mirri Lens adds a premium feel to any packaging, making it ideal for perfume, cosmetics, travel retail and gift markets.

Celloglas can incorporate Mirri Lens into your design idea and register the lens to fit it, creating a bespoke design with eye-catching results when combined with litho printing techniques. The silver micro-embossed film can be laminated to either paper or board (ranging from 120gsm to 800um), resulting in a luxury product for high-end carton applications.

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