Mar 5 Celloglas News

Cellomed is proven to help protect against the Covid family of viruses

We’re delighted to confirm that in independent tests our Cellomed finish has been proven to protect against the Covid family of viruses.

The tests were carried out by an independent laboratory to prove Cellomed’s antimicrobial properties for both viruses and bacteria.  The tests were carried out according to ISO 21702, certifying antiviral activity on plastic surfaces and other non-porous surfaces.

The trials have shown that after two hours there is a 65% reduction in viruses on the surface area, after 12 hours there is a reduction of 73%. These reductions were tested with the feline coronavirus strain (FCoV) that is usually available in laboratories for testing.  The results are indicative of Cellomed’s antiviral behaviour in relation to other viruses in the same Coronavirus family.

These results are in addition to Cellomed’s already recognised ability to reduce 99% of bacteria on its surface within a 24 hour period and include MRSA and E-Coli.

Cellomed is a range of coatings and laminates applied to paper and board to provide life-long antimicrobial protection. In a gloss or matt finish, our laminate is highly recommended where durability is required as well as antimicrobial properties. The film has an antimicrobial coating applied to the face to offer long-lasting protection against a range of bacteria.

It is ideal for the food industry and hospitality and medical environments – as well as publishing such as magazines and in-flight literature. Any product which is handled by the public will benefit from a Cellomed protective coating or lamination.

For more information about our Cellomed finishes that can help to protect your products get in touch.