Nov 25 Finishing School

Achieving the perfect colour match with Mirri

A world-renowned metallic finish, our flagship product Mirri is loved by luxury brands around the globe to highlight premium products and offer sensory retail experiences to customers. Recently, we published A Guide To Mirri – an innovative brochure filled with technical information on how to achieve a multitude of eye-catching print finishes. 

Here, we discuss how to get the most from the illustrious finish, and how the Colour-Logic SystemTM can ensure your brand’s carefully chosen colours are perfectly matched.

How to work with Mirri

Naturally, there are best practises for achieving the absolute best from a luxury Mirri finish. Below, we offer some of the technical information and guidelines included in A Guide To Mirri, so you can be sure your printed materials are getting the most from your finish.

Select the correct base substrate

For brands looking to create a luxury feel for their products, point of sale and packaging are critical when creating that all-important first impression. Mirri’s unmatched aesthetic and exceptional strength and durability is perfect for this, as its lustrous finish, paired with the perfect carton, packaging or display board, is able to withstand folding and cutting while maintaining its incredible look. 

Printing your materials

Given that heat can warp a product, we recommend using UV lithography printing, which cures inks with light and allows for faster drying and overall turnaround.

Utilising white layering 

For complete creative control of your designs, you can lay down a white ink layer to add opacity and effectively minimise the metallic shine of Mirri to specific areas of your design before overprinting. This is ideal for creating stunning effects and differentiating images or photographs.


Ensuring the perfect colours

While it’s possible to overprint Mirri in any shade, whether RGB or Pantone, we understand that achieving the perfect colour match can be difficult when overprinting a metallic silver substrate. This is why we also recommend the Color-Logic SystemTM to ensure the colours of non-metallic inks are flawlessly matched, enabling you to stay true to your brand colour palette.

The Color-Logic System™ uses a combination of accurately printed colour charts, swatch books and automated design tools that reduce the iterative trial and error of getting metallic colours right on press.  

Ask the question

At Celloglas, we want your printed materials to offer an unforgettable experience to your customers. As a result, we offer incredible levels of support for our clients regarding which Mirri product would be best for their project, as well as in-depth guidance on how to use print finishes to further enhance this versatile material.


If you have any questions about Mirri’s applications and processes, get in touch and talk to us about your project or ask us about A Guide To Mirri. We’ll gladly send you a free copy.