The Finishing School

Decorative print finishing: pearlescent varnish

Pearlescent varnish is an excellent way to add interest to your print by offering a subtle sheen all over or to a select area of your design. The pearlised particles in the varnish react with different wavelengths of light which creates a wonderful iridescent glow.

The varnish is applied on our Heidelberg machine using our Cellocover service. It runs at 15,000 sheets an hour, which is an excellent economic option for print jobs with a large run. It can also be screen applied on our machine that runs at 5000 sheets per hour.

To indicate where the varnish should be applied, you will need to supply us with a finishing file, highlighting the area with a solid black shape that fits your required coverage.

The varnish needs to be applied to coated paper and the bolder, darker and more solid the colour of print you apply it on top of, the more you can see the varnish’s glittering properties; therefore it is not recommended that you apply it to a white area.

This decorative finish is often applied to magazine covers, greetings cards and packaging.