Jan 7 Celloglas News

Celloglas Chosen as Exclusive UK Coating Agent and Product Distributor for N9 Pure Silver Antibacterial Print Application

N9 Pure Silver have announced the launch of their ground-breaking silver based anti-microbial technology in a coating application for the print industry and have appointed, Celloglas, as their exclusive UK coating partner and preferred sales agent of N9 Pure Silver technology for the print trade.

Unlike other inferior, less effective technologies which are based on silver salts, N9 Pure Silver is a major step forward because it is non migrating and not water soluble, therefore highly durable and environmentally friendly. This is due to the way microscopic particles of pure silver (not salts) are suspended and evenly dispersed in ultra pure deionised water. Research has clearly demonstrated N9 Pure Silver ™ to be highly effective against bacteria including E.coli, MRSA and C diff. N9 and Celloglas have worked together to develop an easy to apply varnish using N9 Pure Silver solution and select Celloglas varnishes. 

N9 Pure Silver has been used in textiles for many years. This new print coating application is the latest development and can be easily applied over wide areas, giving an everlasting antimicrobial effect. N9 Pure Silver will also not discolour the print or paper, a problem with other silver salt based antimicrobial technologies.

“Silver is a natural antimicrobial agent and this exciting new print application is based on the coating used successfully in the textile industry over the last four years” said N9 Pure Silver Print Development Manager, Derek Adams.

“As UK market leaders and drivers of innovation in print finishing, Celloglas were an obvious choice for N9 Pure Silver as our exclusive coating agent in the UK and we are delighted to be working with them”.

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director at Celloglas, commented; “We see great potential for the N9 Pure Silver coatings across a number of market sectors, including magazines and all forms of print used in hospitals, restaurants, schools and other public places. The research we have studied shows that N9 is the most effective coating technology for print on the market, being highly durable, easy to apply and gentle on the environment”.

N9 Pure Silver technology has already been tested effectively by Ink for a range of in-flight and travel publications, including those for Easyjet, Jet2, Eurostar and Thomas Cook.

>N9 Pure Silver is now available in the UK, in a gloss or matt form, via Celloglas from its Leicester, Leeds and Reading operations.

Celloglas is also the distributor of N9 formula solution for use in other print related applications for example; as an additive to silicone sealers used for coating the internal papers of a magazine or booklet, thus offering total protection throughout the printed item.

Please contact Celloglas directly for further information and samples of the finished product.