Feb 18 Celloglas News

A guide to Mirri: Inspiring creatives

Our latest project required us to communicate the versatility and high quality of luxury material, Mirri. A guide to Mirri is the resulting 28-page brochure designed to educate creatives working with the product and provide inspiration for how they can achieve the best of it.

Communicating luxury and prestige.

Mirri is a world-renowned product, recognised for its premium qualities and ability to deliver immersive retail experiences. A range of highly reflective substrates, it can be used in many applications, from point of sale to packaging, marketing materials and beyond. However, because of its high shine, and with silver and gold being popular colours, it has historically been associated with Christmas and seasonal promotions. The objective with A guide to Mirri was to equip designers, printers, creatives and brands with the know-how to achieve the best of Mirri – and show how it can be used year-round for limitless creativity.

A range of colours, paper, imagery and printing techniques were used to create the perfect-bound brochure, which showed the detailed and stunning ways Mirri can be used on every single page.

A guide to Mirri is home to all the crucial information a printer or designer needs to achieve attention-commanding results, including how to underpin images with white ink and the difference in using Mirri H and printing a colour on to the more traditional silver.

Looking for inspiration as to how you communicate brand category leadership?

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