May 28 Celloglas News

Mirri launches Mirri Eco the world’s first large format, plastic-free biodegradable metallic substrate.

What is Mirri Eco?

To keep in line with governmental targets and meet in-house objectives to reduce the carbon footprint, more and more businesses are turning to sustainability strategies and environmentally friendly products in their marketing. Mirri is always innovating and working to develop exciting products that strengthen our eco credentials and help customers meet their own environmental targets. Here, we take a look at one of our most innovative products: the fully recyclable Mirri Eco.


Introducing a plastic-free solution

Mirri Eco has been developed to enable eco-conscious brands to limit their environmental footprint without compromising on the quality or visual impact that Mirri is renowned for. This specialist product is made by metallising the board itself, which removes the need for the plastic usually found in the production of transfer metallised products. It’s recyclable and repulpable and can be placed in usual recycling waste.

Mirri is committed to providing the best quality available – and Mirri Eco is no different. The finished product is of the same exceptional standard as Mirri H – which is our highest-quality offering – and importantly, we can do it at the exact same cost. That means that size needn’t be an issue, which is beneficial because Mirri Eco is a world first in terms of size. It’s the world’s first large-format, eco-friendly metallic product. It provides an ideal solution for big-impact messaging that’s mindful of our environment too.

We recently introduced Mirri Eco to the masses in spectacular style at RetailEXPO 2019. We designed and created a leaf wall using Mirri Emerald Green, Mirri Lens Circles and Mirri Oyster Prisma – but Mirri Eco was the star of the show. The wall provided a great talking point among visitors to the stand and enabled us to start the conversation of how brands can still achieve exceptional quality and a creative finish while taking steps to be sustainable. Find out more about Mirri at RetailExpo.

Mirri Eco is available in an off the shelf weight 300mic / 270gsm and is suitable for UV litho and conventional printing using oxidising inks. Combine it with any of a range of decorative finishes, including die-cutting and embossing.

Get in touch and we can advise how Mirri Eco can be used to stunning effect within your project.