Mar 21 Production News

Have you got your foil swatch from Celloglas Reading?

The Cellofoil swatch demonstrates a wide range of foiling options. It is a useful reference tool for those working with foil as it has a “tear and share” feature, allowing sections to be torn off and attached to jobs or sent to customers for reference.

The swatch features our standard range of silvers and gold foils but also more innovative options like security, metallic holographic, clear diffuser and pearl effect foils.

Another innovative option available at Celloglas is to use a fluted or textured foil. This involves a special die that allows for the foil to be applied and embossed in one pass.

If you have any foiling enquiries you can contact Nelson, our Foiling Manager, at Celloglas Reading:

Direct Line: 01189 301834

“Here at Celloglas we’ve had many years of experience perfecting foiling as a technique. On a typical day we are running magazine covers, retail packaging jobs and all kinds of trade work from local printers.”

Nelson added, “We are often asked to foil onto new and unusual stocks. We take the time to pair up the right foil grade and foiling technique to achieve a fantastic result.”

One of the most recent jobs we have run at Reading can be seen in the images below:

The job was run on our SBL flat bed foiling machine which can run up to 3500 sheets an hour, dependent on the complexity of the job. For this project, a gold and a silver foil were used.