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What is thermochromic ink?

Thermochromic inks are heat sensitive and become semi-transparent to reveal a printed message underneath when a temperature change occurs. The most common heat reactive ink is used to reveal a message by heating it up, normally by rubbing it.

Thermochromic inks can be manufactured to react at different temperatures ranges – although they are most commonly set to react at temperatures close to normal human body temperature (this allows for the underlying message to be revealed through the warmth of a hand).

Black is the only colour that will mask other colours. (Different colours are available but they will only mask light tints of the same shade).

Chill and reveal inks are also available. These inks appear slightly translucent at room temperature, with a hint of the chosen colour, but change colour when chilled in a refrigerator.

Colours available: Black, blue, orange, pink, red and green.


  • These products are not approved for direct food contact.
  • Do not use over areas that are to be folded or trimmed.
  • Lamination is recommended after the thermochromic ink is applied. This adds protection for the ink.