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Print Power Magazine Creates Mirror Effect Using Celloglas Print Finishes

Print Power magazine is a European initiative dedicated to strengthening the position of print media in a multimedia world. It features some of the latest and best innovative uses of print in and around Europe, from real-life uses to thought leader debates and brand marketing techniques.

The Autumn 2014 edition focuses on illustrating the credibility of print and the trust people place in it. The cover uses a unique effect to demonstrate one of the few things you can trust to give you an accurate picture – a mirrors reflection.

The effect was created at Celloglas’s Leicester factory, in which they used a high-grade silver foil to create the mirror effect, with an added spot gloss varnish to give the cover it an extra shine. A few finishing touches to the mirrors handle were also added, including light de and em-bossing to add texture and depth to the image of the mirror.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas, commented; “The whole effect has the result of really lifting the image of the mirror. Along with the reflective foil finish, the whole image just grabs your attention and creates reader interaction.”

Sam Upton, Editor of Print Power, added; “We really wanted to make sure the cover clearly showed this issues message of how ‘What you see is what you get’ and really convey how print is the worlds most trusted medium. Celloglas nailed the finishes exactly as we had imagined and more!”