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Celloglas Applies a Strawberry Fragrance and Spot UV to the Spring 2015 Issue of Print Power Magazine

The focus of Print Power magazine is to display to marketers, agency heads and business leaders how print media is a vital marketing tool. The magazine is a bi-annual publication, printed in May and October. The spring 2015 issue takes a special look at sensory marketing and how igniting the senses creates a more memorable experience for  the consumer.

The cover of this issue was finished with a spot UV to the masthead and main cover line. The main image of a strawberry also had a spot UV added to the seeds and top area of the fruit which gave it a shine and produced a tactile experience. A fragrance burst, also known as ‘scratch and sniff’, was added with the scent of a strawberry. Both finishes were applied in one pass on the Heidelberg twin coating machine at Celloglas Leicester.

Sales Director at Celloglas, Steve Middleton, commented, “From a distance, the cover of this issue has a clean, simplistic design. It’s only when the light catches it, or you run your hand over it, that you see and feel the shiny, glossy spot UV finish. Equally, when you bring the cover close to you, you get that subtle strawberry fragrance which becomes more potent when you rub it. The more you engage with the magazine, the more that is revealed. This really enabled us to help show the power of print.”

Sam Upton, Editor of Print Power magazine, added, “In a digital age, you don’t get the sensory engagement that you get with print. Having a fragrance burst applied to the cover of this issue really helps to show our readers the things print can achieve that digital can’t. Humans connect more when the senses are ignited and this cover will not only engage our readers, but also inspire them to use the same techniques and get excited by print – which is our aim to encourage as an organisation. The finishes that have been applied by Celloglas have really facilitated us in showing this.”

Print Power magazine is distributed in 11 countries in 10 languages. Its total circulation is 80,000. A network of journalists in each country allows the content to be localised in different languages with locally relevant content comprising a significant part of each magazine.

Each issue takes a look at successful brands and how print media has assisted their marketing campaigns. This issue reveals the truth about the sustainability of print media and how it can create more resources than it uses. It also covers exciting and innovative ideas for advertising using print, including a print ad for Brazilian beer that can chill your drink.

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