Feb 27 Celloglas News

Computer Arts use Celloglas Foiling to Complement Split Run Cover

 Illustration was the focus of this month’s edition of Computer Arts magazine (issue #276), which takes a look at a pick of 25 illustrators from around the world, considered by a panel of experts in the design field, to be the ones to watch for 2018. In order to showcase some of this talent, Computer Arts wanted a split run cover to enable them to display four different designs, and looked to Celloglas to help make each design shine.

The process started with a brief – Computer Arts wanted four different cover designs, using four of the most ‘radically contrasting pieces’ of illustration. The plan was to use a different coloured foil on each cover, in order to both complement each design and to further allow each cover to stand out on its own. With Celloglas’ wealth of experience, we were able to suggest the best way of meeting the brief while maximising efficiency at the same time. Therefore, we advised CA to print the covers 2-up, with two designs per sheet. This allowed for better time efficiency when it came to plate changes and foiling.


Illustration by Petra Eriksson. CF Copper Foil.

The foil colours were chosen by Computer Arts from the Celloglas Cellofoil swatch. These included CF Green, CF Copper, CF Purple and CF Brushed Aluminium.

Illustration by Rosanna Tasker. CF Green Foil

Before the foiling process, a Soft Touch Laminate was applied on our Ecotack B1 Laminator at our Leicester site. The foil was then applied – two foils per pass – on one of our SBL foiling lines. Celloglas ran 2,700 sheets, which amounted in a run of approximately 10k copies. The Soft Touch Laminate offered a soft, matt texture and look, which contrasted against the shiny, metallic foils.

Illustration by Andreea Dobrin Dinu. CF Brushed Aluminium Foil.

Nick Carson, Editor of Computer Arts Magazine was delighted with the results; ‘This was such a fun opportunity to play with four different cover designs in one go. Mixing illustration styles and choosing a different foil for each allowed us to create four really different covers, but that also worked well as a set. The metallic and colourful aspect of the foil really enhanced these covers, to make them stand out as something extra special.’

Illustration by Tianju Duan. CF Purple Foil.

This month’s edition, as well as giving an overview of the illustration hotlist, looked at the golden rules of logo design, and had top tips on how to better an online design portfolio from top agency Handsome Frank.

Issue #276 is on sale now.