Apr 24 Celloglas News

Celloglas at the Visual Media Conference 2019

We were invited once again to sponsor and exhibit at the Visual Media Conference (VMC) 2019, which was held at the Rose Bowl City Campus of Leeds Beckett University on April 16th.

The one-day event, which returned to the city for its sixth year, was focused on the theme of innovation and sustainability and how brands can be as sustainable as possible, all the while maintaining an innovative, creative mindset. The conference explored the changing world of marketing communications and explored how businesses can work to achieve sustainability targets in their objectives.

Celloglas’ business development manager Richard Pinkney exhibits.

Standing up for sustainability
The conference gave us a fantastic opportunity to talk to brands and businesses about our efforts to develop products that are not only innovative and attention-commanding, but sustainable to help meet green targets too. We discussed many of our print finishing products, including cellogreen – a sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable lamination, and got involved in the conversation of how businesses can evolve and adapt to a more sustainable perspective.

Sharing insights
Speakers at the conference included Olga Munroe, Head of the Retail Institute at Leeds Beckett University, Ewan Douglas, Agency Principal for Channel 4 and Joanna Stephenson, Marketing Partner at Parkside Flexibles. They formed part of an impressive line-up that looked at the wider industry and the ‘problem’ of plastics and sustainability.

Ideas were proposed that suggested how tackling the problem should indeed be a collaborative objective. A proactive approach should come as a result of companies working together with peers and competitors to storm sector issues and make changes for a better future.

It was also discussed how news brands can be a powerful catalyst for change, how all businesses should take steps towards digital maturity and how packaging companies can manage the fact that consumers now want convenience without compromise.

Euro Panel

Plus, the Euro Panel deliberated the future of our industries in Europe via opinion from the EU and around the world.

It was insightful day for exhibitors and attendees alike with plenty of actionable takeaways as to how the packaging industry – and others – can work towards tackling the sustainability issues that threaten to massively affect our future if we don’t act now.