Dec 14 Celloglas News

Celloglas gets festive with Print Solutions

We’ve collaborated with Print Solutions magazine for its December issue and designed and finished its festive cover.

Nothing screams Christmas like glitzy baubles hanging on the tree, but more than that, working with this particular imagery meant we had oodles of creative licence when it came to beautifully demonstrating Mirri’s capabilities.

The baubles are the main feature of the cover and we required elements of them to appear in the foreground and be brilliantly metallic. But working with images in Mirri isn’t as simple as regular design for print – if an image was printed on to a regular white sheet, it would result in a soft, misty metallic sheen. While this looks good, we needed our image to have greater impact and for the effects to be even sharper. We got around this by using a white layer to underpin the CMYK or Pantone colours to ensure the desired vibrancy. That white layer supresses Mirri’s signature shine and makes it possible for it to ‘play’ more like regular ink would on paper. We picked out certain areas for a more metallic finish to create a real depth of field. However, we didn’t suppress as much of the Mirri on the large baubles. Because we wanted those elements to appear in the foreground and have a metallic finish, we only added a 25% white underpin in those sections.

The Print Academy, which printed the magazine cover, is a Mirri print partner that we regularly collaborate with. Yorkshire-based The Print Academy is renowned for quality and excellence and offers both conventional and LED-UV B1 lithographic print. Its range of printing services makes the company ideal for working with Mirri and showing it off to its true potential. Using LED-UV printing is perfect for Mirri because it’s eco-friendly. Plus, it produces brighter opaque whites and brilliant colour because the ink is cured on top of the sheet (oil-based inks absorb into the paper and leave a dullish finish).

Utilising Mirri’s unrivalled qualities

The Print Solutions cover has gone down well with readers. Earth Island Publishing’s David Gamage said: “We are always looking for interesting, innovative and creative themes for the front covers of Print Solutions, and using Mirri from Celloglas was a perfect way to celebrate and add sparkle to our Christmas issue.”

“The feedback we have had from readers has been great.”


While we offer a range of off the shelf products (Mirri HP digital), we can also provide bespoke made-to-measure print projects. If the client supplies the stock, we can metallise it using Mirri. It can then be paired with a Celloglas finish for added impact. At this time of year, for example, a glitter finish is hugely popular.

We work closely with designers and printers to ensure expertise in design is well-executed and that the finish perfectly demonstrates Mirri’s capabilities and results in the most effective overall look.

Want to know more about how Mirri can enhance your marketing material or packaging? Get in touch for expert advice or learn more about this innovative product.