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What are fragrance burst inks?

Fragrance burst, also known as scratch and sniff, is a specially created coating that releases a fragrance when lightly scratched or rubbed. Given that our sense of smell is so closely linked to memory, scented printing is a creative and increasingly popular technique to drum up excitement and feelings of familiarity in customers.

A screen-applied finish, fragrance burst is added to a select area of the printed design. It’s created with microscopic capsules of scent, which are then developed into a solution and applied to the print. Scents might include freshly cut grass, strawberries, lavender of coffee beans can add an extra dimension to marketing material or products, piquing customers’ interest and giving them something to talk about.

We can provide a wide choice of fragrances as well as offer the option of creating a bespoke scent if you already had something particular in mind. Fragrance burst is ideal for greetings cards, packaging, book and magazine covers or inserts and even retail point of purchase displays. But it’s also great for product launches and direct mail.

Intrigued by fragrance burst? Read up on its technical information and discover how this innovative finish can bring your next print project to life. Alternatively, you can order a sample today and experience it for yourself.