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Sustainable finishes are no less spectacular

Celloglas is committed to a sustainable future and seizes every opportunity to improve its manufacturing processes for the betterment of the environment. Recently, we’ve developed our flag-ship Mirri product to include 70% post-consumer recyclable materials (PCR), diverting waste from landfill and reassuring customers that their faith in our finishes is as well-founded as it is ethical. Here, we discuss PCR and a number of our innovative, eco-friendly Mirri finishes – none of which compromise on the high quality they are renowned for. 

What is PCR? 

Post-consumer recyclable materials, or PCR, generally refers to plastics which have been reused and given a second life. Naturally, given the environmental drawbacks of manufacturing and disposing of plastics, this is an extremely beneficial way of furthering materials and reducing waste. 


It is Mirri’s metallised finish that provides a remarkable shine and sleekness to printed designs and packaging. It is particularly favoured by luxury brands wanting to make a statement through marketing materials, capture attention with point-of-sale stands, and entice customers with a shimmering dream. However, one of the key components of Mirri is a plastic film transfer, which facilitates the application of the metallic finish and emphasises shine and reflection. Importantly, it also protects the finish in production and adds durability to the finished product.   Now, Celloglas has improved Mirri’s manufacturing process to include 70% PCR, reusing plastic and providing an eco-friendlier product. This is advantageous to everyone involved, offering customers an ethical but outstanding finish and helping us meet our goals for sustainability.

Mirri Eco

Our PCR manufacturing advancement is not our first effort to reduce the environmental impacts of our business. With significant investment, we developed Mirri Eco an eye-popping plastic-free metallic finish. It is a non-filmic transfer product, involving only a fine layer of metal to provide a striking shine to perfect prints. As a fully recyclable product, adhering to Celloglas’ zero-to-landfill certification, Mirri Eco is designed specifically for brands and retailers looking to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on quality or aesthetic. 

Mirri H

When only the highest of lustres and deepest reflections will do, Mirri H works beautifully to accentuate your designs and add a real sense of luxury to your brand. Combining exceptionally high-quality film with the brightness of a metallised surface, it produces a mirror-like finish, perfect for countless applications in many industries, including cosmetics and perfumery. Mirri H is available in gold, silver and a range of off-the-shelf colours, allowing you to effortlessly match your designs with a flawless, high-end finish. 

Celloglas will continue to improve its production methods and services and seek a more sustainable future; not just for itself, but for its customers. To read more about our industry- and environmentally-leading products, discover our guide to Mirri now