The Finishing School

What is anti-scuff lamination?

Anti-scuff lamination does exactly what it says on the tin – it prevents any unwanted scuffs and marks from showing up on laminated surfaces where this has been the finish of choice.

With this matt finish, dirty fingerprints will be kept at bay and will leave your print with a clean appearance. This durable print finish is ideal for brochures, folders and other print products which need to be kept looking pristine, and is also handy for items which will be used repeatedly.

This finishing technique is especially effective when used over darker printed areas, as they tend to show up marks and scratches more than lighter shades.

Whilst protecting your publications, anti-scuff lamination also ensures that your prints have a crisp and clear finish, making them visually appealing yet also safe from any scuffs.

Using this method will allow a longer life-span on your products, which is ideal for menus, and means they can be reused over and over again.

Here at Celloglas, we can tailor the product to you and combine the laminate with other finishes, such as foil blocking or a spot gloss varnish. Request a sample to assist in choosing the perfect finish for you?