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What is Cellogreen? A sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable lamination

We’ve developed cellogreen, which is an over-lamination film product based on cellulose diacetate – and it’s sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. Lamination is now environmentally friendly without losing any of its aesthetic appeal.

Environmental impact is now a top priority for many print buyers and with targets and policies more strict than ever before, Celloglas is proud to be able to help businesses in their mission.

Go green with your printing

Cellogreen is produced from highly refined wood pulp found in SFI-managed forests. During its harvesting, consideration is given to wildlife in the surroundings as well as the ecosystem and the landscape where the trees are grown. It’s similar in appearance to OPP lamination, but the key difference is that it can be recycled and shredded or composted as part of your normal re-pulping system. That’ll save precious time sorting and separating waste.

Cellulose diacetate and the plasticisers used within cellogreen are recognised as biodegradable under appropriate conditions, while the base film in the manufacturing process meets requirements of DIN EN 13432 – the standard for compostability and biodegradation.

What’s more, cellogreen is available in a range of finishes so you aren’t short on choice when it comes to the overall look. Go for gloss, matt or satine effect for the wow factor in your printing.

Like to know more about how cellogreen can enhance your printing as well help your business meet environmental targets? Get in touch for further information.