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Eco glitter varnishing: the environmentally friendly finish that sparkles

At Celloglas, we’re always working towards being as kind to the environment as possible. That’s why we’ve taken a fresh approach to glitter – using Bioglitter, the world’s only freshwater-biodegradable glitter, in our varnishing. It’s beautiful, eye-catching, and certified with the highest freshwater biodegradability accreditation in the world. 

Here, we take a look at the importance of our eco glitter varnish in print and packaging, with proof that show-stopping finishes can still be 100% sustainable. 

The problem with traditional glitter

Not all that glitters is not good for the environment. Much of the traditional sparkle found on greetings cards, packaging, point-of-sales, and wrapping paper is classed as a microplastic. 

With microplastics playing a huge part in global pollution, many retailers have taken critical steps to eliminate glitter from merchandise in recent years – Morrisons, Waitrose, and John Lewis to name a few. If widely implemented, brands using more sustainable options could significantly reduce the pollution problem by 2040

But glitter doesn’t have to say goodbye for good. Not all of it, anyway. Thankfully, there are new eco-friendly solutions to add a quality sparkle to your branding, without adding to the millions of tons of microplastics in the ocean. Our glitter varnish, thanks to Bioglitter™, is one of them.

What is Bioglitter™?

Bioglitter™ is an environmentally friendly glitter that can be used in printing and coating, without breaking down into microplastics when disposed of. It’s certified to be ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ by TÜV Austria – the highest level of certification in the world.

At Celloglas, we’re proud to use Bioglitter™ in our water-soluble glitter varnish. As well as being 100% sustainable, Bioglitter™ is also precision cut to ensure clean smooth edges and uniform particle size when coating and printing – which all adds to our spectacular finishes.

What, exactly, is Deco Bioglitter™?

To create the stunning metallic, holographic, and opalescent effects in our glitter varnish, we specifically use Deco Bioglitter™. Developed especially for printing and coating, Deco Bioglitter™ is a technical-grade, cellulose-based, sustainable Bioglitter™ made from natural, raw materials. The cellulose is extracted from hardwoods or eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.

Derived from natural and plant-derived materials, Deco Bioglitter™ is chemically similar to paper. Which means, on top of its biodegradable certification, it has even more ecological benefits:

  • Improved recycling. Unlike plastic glitter, Deco Bioglitter™ doesn’t melt onto papermaking equipment. When burnt, it turns to ash.
  • No print waste. Deco Bioglitter™ is only printed where needed, with precise metallic effect application that creates flawless finishes. 
  • Renewable & re-usable. As well as being a renewable energy source, Deco Bioglitter™ used in paper and board will not reduce the ability to be reused. In fact, it’s so dazzling, it’s likely even more appealing to crafters.
  • Super-quick composting. With a freshwater-biodegradable certification, Deco Bioglitter™ performs at a higher level than composting. Put in a composting environment, it’ll degrade bio-aggressively – and fast.

Three environmentally friendly finishes that dazzle

Using Deco Bioglitter™ in our eco glitter vanish means we offer a spectrum of colours, effects, and environmentally friendly finishes. These include:

  • Metallic varnish

From the glimmer on perfume packaging to magazine covers that dazzle from shelves, shimmering golds and silvers have always conveyed luxury. We use sustainable Deco Bioglitter™ SPARKLE to create a brilliant metallic effect that’s completely indistinguishable from traditional plastic glitter. For a similar effect (without the glitter), explore our plastic-free metallic finish, Mirri Eco.

  • Opalescent varnish

Perfect for jewellery and sustainable luxury brands, the opalescent finish created by using Deco Bioglitter™ PURE in our varnishing is totally unique to the glitter industry. With a mother-of-pearl appearance, this iridescent effect evokes values of natural strength and resilience in your branding.

  • Holographic varnish

Creating a magical rainbow effect with Deco Bioglitter™ HOLO, our holographic finishes showcase a kaleidoscope of colour under direct light – guaranteed to catch the eye of customers and appeal to their senses. Ideal for packing a powerful visual impact in festive print and packaging.

Shining out sustainably

As a global community, we’re more informed on microplastics than ever before. As a result, modern consumers demand more ethical, sustainable solutions from brands. 

We’re proud to say the shimmer in our glitter varnish won’t damage the seas and other natural environments. And for retailers and marketers wanting to leave a positive impact on customers (without a negative impact on the planet), using our eco glitter varnish is definitely something to shout about. 

From Christmas cards with all the shimmering trimmings to luxe packaging that shines out from the competition, our eco glitter varnish must be seen to be believed. Find out more and request a sample here, or take a look at our full varnishing and coating eco credentials.