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A guide to Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Mirri Packaging.

Our market-leading Mirri silver and Mirri holographic products are now made 70% Post-consumer waste (PCR) as standard. But what is PCR and what does it mean for you and your clients?

PCR is made from recycled materials which are reprocessed into something new. It is this reusing of plastics that gives Mirri PCR its environmentally friendly credentials. Not only does PCR means less waste heading toward landfill and water sources. For companies that care about their carbon footprint – switching from virgin plastics to PCR plastics can reduce that carbon footprint by 60 per cent and helps to reduce reliance on petroleum.

PCR packaging also helps to meet the growing customer demand for sustainable products and the packaging that protects them. In the Drapers’ Sustainability and the Consumer 2021 report, fashion consumers stated the packaging material their purchase arrives in matters. 77% stated that brands should use as little packaging as possible and a third (33%) say they have rejected a purchase because of unsustainable packaging.

Therefore PCR packaging is a must if your brand is to appeal to a large and very vocal target audience. What’s more, brands who don’t make the switch may find themselves losing sales and suffering negative social media feedback.

Mirri PCR is perfect for high-quality packaging. With all the luxurious lustre our clients have come to expect with environmental credentials. PCR packaging offers just as much protection against moisture UV and oxygen as other more wasteful materials.

Our flagship Mirri is now produced with PCR as standard, at no additional cost to you and is available in a wide range of finishes.

Get in touch to find out how Mirri PCR can set your brand apart from its competitors.