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Based at Celloglas in Leeds, thefolderworks offer high-speed folder make-up coupled with a range of innovative Celloglas finishing options. Short run folders are also available, with off-the-shelf folder templates to choose from.

Our high-speed folder make-up machines make up 5,000 folders per hour and up to 1,000 capacity folders per hour.

thefolderworks are part of Celloglas and offer a range of decorative finishing options for your folder; including lamination, spot or overall varnishes and more specialist added value options such as glow in the dark, fragrances or glitter.

Fast Turnaround / Wide Range of Designs / Add Innovative Finishes / Cost and Time Efficient / Ready to use Cutters / Excellent Results / Capacity or Non-Capacity



Q. What if I require 5,000 folders quickly?
A. Due to our high-speed automated folder make-up facility and ready-to-use cutters, we can turnaround large volumes of folders quickly. We can complete 5,000 folders in 48 hours.

Q. Do you offer a nationwide service?
A. Yes, thefolderworks operation is based in Leeds, but we have clients all over the UK.

Q. What if I need a short run of folders?
A. We have templates of a wide range of folder types, if you choose one of those it will save on the cost of a cutter for the folder. We have in-house staff that can hand-make your folder quickly and to a high standard.

Q. What if I want a bespoke folder?
A. We also offer a bespoke service and can produce a completely bespoke folder or adapt a design from our standard range of cutters.

Q. Can I add innovative finishes to the folder?
A. Yes, of course. You can choose any of Celloglas’s finishes. Options include lamination, varnishes, foil-blocking or special finishes like glow-in-the-dark or fragrance. See our decorative finishes section for a full list of options.

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