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Mirri Goes Large at Retail Design Expo


We’re back in the flow now after Retail Design Expo and are having some exciting conversations with brands we met there. Thank you to everyone who came to see us, we always love this show, packed full of inspiration and new ideas as the retail industry continues to innovate. We have some really fantastic conversations with so many of you about our new products which we have developed for the retail sector.

This show saw an exciting development for us as we officially launched a new product that’s been developed to support the retail sector, giving visual merchandisers the opportunity to use Mirri, (a Celloglas brand), like never before.

Our giant swatch’ display showcased large sheet sizes to reference the new 3.2 metre single sheet size we offer, created for use in shop window displays, visual merchandising and in-store POS.  It enables retailers to create an even more stunning visual and experiential impact using striking Mirri colours. This large single sheet gives a seamless look with no joins in the material.

Having been commissioned by Marks and Spencer nationwide last month, their stunning rainbow window display was created using Mirri Holographic Rainbow in its new longer length and creatively showcases and enhances the brand’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection. Mirri has now rolled out this product offering more widely.


Bursting with Colour

A popular brand with retailers, Mirri is predominantly used in the luxury retail market and at Retail Design Expo, we displayed large sheet sizes in a variety of finishes and colours using Mirri Holographic Blast in Black, Mirri H Green, Mirri Holographic Confetti in Red, Mirri H Copper, Mirri H Blue, Mirri Holographic Lava in Gold, Mirri H Pink, Mirri Holographic Rainbow in Purple and Mirri Specials Sparkle, displaying each finish in both its gloss and matt forms, to highlight the different effects that can be achieved.

The new products on show were Mirri Holographic Confetti and Mirri Holographic Lava, which were displayed in different colours. We have a whole new range of colour options for our Holographic products including black, red, purple, gold and rose gold.

To help you stay on trend, our Mirri products are available in a wide range of colours and finishes including our interpretation of the Pantone colour of the year – Ultra Violet. If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy of our trend book ‘Purple Patch’, just give us a call and we would be happy to post you a copy.

Those who did attend were lucky enough to bag themselves a Mirri handbag – which always go down a treat, and were packed full of samples.


Stick it anywhere!

The Mirri ‘swatch’ display was produced using a self-adhesive Mirri – another new product many of our visitors got excited about – as we continue to make it even easier for brands to use Mirri for retail. We attached the self-adhesive Mirri to semi-transparent acrylic – but you can attach it to a huge variety of different substrates. Self-adhesive Mirri can be supplied on a 50m roll, meaning you’re free to apply it to almost any backing substrate, in any place.

Let there be light

The name of each product was cut out of the Mirri, which allowed light to shine through, as we showcased the impact of backlit Mirri using multi-coloured lighting to give a bright, colourful, playful feel; a further inspiration for visual merchandisers planning Autumn/Winter and Christmas window displays.


Psychology of Shopping

Whilst at the show we attended a fabulous talk by Kate Nightingale – founder of Style Psychology, who explained how small touches to your retail surroundings can influence your customer to feel a certain way and associate an emotion with your brand. That’s what we’re here for! To help you evoke an emotional response through becoming more playful with your print in the retail environment.


Mark Askham, Mirri Business Development Manager said: “We really enjoyed showcasing Mirri’s new offering and introducing to retailers the new possibilities of how they can use this really versatile material. We are keen to inspire brands and designers, and show them that Mirri is much more than ‘a silver paper’- which is what we hear so often as historically this is how the majority of clients have used it. It’s proven to provide experiential impact for high street stores and we want to talk to more retailers to help them achieve this.”

He added: “We have developed this new sheet size on the back of customer demand, after brands were looking at how they could make more impact with Mirri. Being able to produce sheets that work singularly as a 3.2 metre strip creates a really strong, neat finish, as the lack of joins really strengthens the impact. This is something we have been able to do thanks to significant investment in large format machinery and mounting equipment.”



“We work with some of most prestigious brands in the world, offering them the opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers and I love shows like the Retail Design Expo that give us the chance to show others what’s possible with a little imagination. We’re all about working with brands to help them create new and exciting displays and we always have really animated discussions with designers at this show as they start to discover some of Mirri’s possibilities”.

Mirri, a brand of Celloglas is widely recognised worldwide by brands, retailers and designers as a tool to communicate quality, innovation and brand category leadership. For more information see

If you would like more information on our longer length or self-adhesive Mirri – or any other

questions about how Mirri can enhance your brand – then please email or call on 07770837723.



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