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Having led the market for laminating and decorative print finishing over the last 50 years, Celloglas continues to lead the way, with further investment into leaner turnaround times, on full and spot coating services.

Introducing Cellocover:

Enjoy the flexibility of us being able to turn days into hours – of us being able to run up to 15,000 sheets an hour with multiple effects.

Our new machine takes no prisoners when it comes to deadlines!

“With both UV and IR dryers we can offer a range of finishes in one pass, ” says John Locke of Celloglas. “In addition to the standard commercial printer we will use this offline coater to service packaging customers with heat seals; greetings cards producers with pearlescents and glitters; direct mail customers with re-moist glues for response products; promotional specialists with scratch off latex and web customers who don’t want to compromise print speeds with in-line coating.”

A machine on a mission, Cellocover runs 24/7, servicing customers nationwide and has already provided many clients with fantastic results, with jobs having been placed as forward orders, upon installation.

The Detail

The anilox coaters means the amount of coating can be varied. Cellocover can handle a comprehensive range of stocks in all sizes up to full B1. 

The machine is approx 3 times faster than our current all over UV machines and up to 10 times faster than our spot UV machines.

Read how Cellocover has been used on the latest edition of Vogue Magazine >>

To discuss an order call John Locke on 0116 263 1010.

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1. What is the main purpose of this Machine?
As a high speed machine it is suited to long run applications – it dramatically reduces the production lead time with its high speed capability,  providing customers with extremely quick turnaround.

2. How is it so much Quicker?
The machine also acts as a double headed coater, so can provide duo finish combinations such as matt/gloss or single hit coatings with in line die cutting/creasing.

3. Describe a Typical Job
Typical use could be waterbased remoist with perforation all in one pass.

4. What Markets is this likely to appeal most to?
In addition to the standard commercial printer, this offline coater will help us service packaging customers with heat seals; greetings card producers with pearlescents and glitters; direct mail customers with remoist glues for response products; promotional specialists with scratch off latex and web customers who don't want to compromise print speeds with inline coating.

5. What are its Capabilities?
l Machine spec is from thinnest paper stocks up to 1.00mm thick. It can accommodate sheet size 340x480mm to 720x1020mm. It can run upto 15,000 sheets per hour. It can offer both water based and UV coatings varnishes and can ‘mix’ in single pass ie waterbased on unit 1 and UV on unit 2.

l Finishes we will be able to undertake:
Water-based varnish; UV varnish; Glitter; Pearlescent; Rub & Reveal; Scratch & Sniff; Barrier Coatings; Cito: Latex; Textured Varnish; Sealers; Tinted Coatings; Flexo Printing; Glow in the Dark; Remoist ..and possible others (constantly testing)

6.  How do the Plates Work?
Coating / Varnishing is achieved via ‘relief’ printing plates (cyrel) for complex images or stripping blankets for simple images. Cyrel plates require pdf files from the printer and approx a 24 hour turnaround.

7.  How Can this Benefit Web Printers?
Can offer advantages to web printers who have the facility to apply coatings in line – this application often ‘slows’ the job down. For the web printer to not apply inline coatings results in improved efficiency through all of thee web and we can finish offline

8.  What are the Costs?
Pricing is dependent upon the job spec. Price packages will be based on the amount of effects used, but the benefit to the customer is in that it will be very cost effective to utilise multiple finishes using this equipment, compared to traditional methods.

If we have not addressed your question or you require further, more technical information, please contact your local Celloglas site.

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