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A Part of the Wallpaper*

Having spotted this on our desk, we realised we’d not shared it with you! Out last month, this was a truly creative use of design and print to celebrate Wallpaper* and their 20th anniversary and we were honoured to be a part of it.


If you were lucky enough to receive one of the limited edition versions, keep hold of it! If not, here’s how it worked in the words of Tony Chambers from Wallpaper*…

“Of course, it’s no normal cover, we don’t do ‘normal’. Of all the game changers we celebrate in this issue, there is one standout –Thomas Heatherwick – and we asked him to do something outstanding with our anniversary cover. His design is a textbook example of the Heatherwick approach; a low-tech but joyous piece of paper engineering to create a simple but total transformation. As you fold, squash and stretch your Wallpaper* Friction Cover, consider that you’re holding one of the smallest and most intricate projects to come out of the Heatherwick Studio. He thinks it’s a true return to the surprise and delight conjured up by his earliest works back in 1996.”


Steve Middleton, Director at Celloglas said: “We had great fun working on this, bringing this special edition cover to life and were delighted that this gave us the chance to showcase innovation in print finishing in a way that is so tactile. This cover really got people excited and engaged with the magazine and we couldn’t ask for more than that. We have worked with Wallpaper* for years and are a part of their creative process – it’s a pleasure to work with people so passionate about design”

Here’s a quote we love from Tony Chambers looking back at the last 20 years in print – “Back in the dark ages of 1996, ‘design’ was still largely considered a last-minute bolt-on, a perfunctory styling job. We now begin with design and the world is a better-designed place.

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